Why Grundfos?

The Grundfos Graduate Programme offers a tailored and global adventure


Join our project-oriented programme to accelerate your growth and development. Your compass will be a personal development plan to tailor the two-year programme to match your talent.

Each project will be scoped to last six months and is chosen in accordance with current business needs and your personal ambitions and development. We do not offer predesigned tracks but you can see some typical project areas for engineering, finance and business graduates.


Kick off your career in a diverse and global environment with daily contact with colleagues and stakeholders around the world. You will also spend at least one project period abroad.

As part of our global workplace, you will build a rich international network while contributing to global sustainability, which is Grundfos' Purpose.   


What better way to start your career than with two adventurous years where you will explore your talent in four different positions in different business areas. We will encourage you to challenge your comfort zone and take on projects that will allow you to develop personally and professionally.

You may not know the destination when you start, but you can be sure of a memorable journey.


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