EHF Euro 2016


Cold feet?

You probably know the situation: You enter the bathroom in the morning and almost start tap dancing as the floor is a little chilly… 

When heat is not distributed optimally across all rooms, hydronic balancing is the answer. With the ALPHA3 system, Grundfos has developed a solution that makes it easy for your installer to balance floor heating and radiator installations.

In addition to circulator pumps, which are being used for heating and air-conditioning in private homes, apartment stores and in many commercial buildings like the 5 sporting venues where the upcoming European Handball Championship for women will take place, we also manufacture pumps and equipment for industrial, water supply, wastewater and dosing applications for all parts of the world. 


Official sponsor of the Women’s EHF European Handball Championship in Sweden

Grundfos is proud to be an official sponsor of the Women’s EHF European Handball Championship 2016 in Sweden. As a world-leading manufacturer of pumps, we are as dedicated to outstanding performance as the players on court – and just like them, determined to be second to none in what we do. 

The sponsorship

This is the 25th time that Grundfos sponsors a major men’s or women’s handball tournament. We have been a committed sponsor since 2005 and look therefore forward to another successful tournament in Sweden in December.   

Grundfos and the venues

Five spectacular arenas have been chosen to host the Women’s EHF EURO 2016 in Sweden. Apart from their size and state-of-the-art facilities.
Scandinavium and the other arenas around in Sweden one essential
characteristic: They all chose innovative Grundfos pump solutions.

With Grundfos solutions in place, the Women’s EHF European Handball Championship 2016 will be about world-class handball in ideal surroundings. And regardless of the pressure on the HVAC systems, the Grundfos solutions will ensure reliable and energy-efficient operation at all times. 

Grundfos honours the best women handball players in Europe

Grundfos is also proud to present the EHF Euro All-star team, when the European Handball Federation honours them on the day of the final of the Women’s EHF European Handball Championship 2016. 

Your vote counts

A panel of sports journalists nominated by the European Handball Federation will, together with handball fans from all over the world, vote for the seven best players of the tournament. To find more information about the voting procedure as well as actual voting, please go to the official EHF Euro 2016 site. 


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