Code of Conduct governance framework

Continuously improved

The Grundfos Code of Conduct is supported by a strong Code of Conduct Governance Framework. The scope of the framework is to support and facilitate the understanding of – and compliance with – the Code of Conduct, from Group Management over local management to each individual employee.

A central element in the framework is Grundfos Ethics Committee – an independent body existing of executive managers appointed by Group Management. The Ethics Committee supports of Grundfos’ will to conduct business with honesty and integrity and to ensure constant attention towards compliance with the Code of Conduct. The committee is also responsible for the Grundfos whistle-blower function.

To keep constant attention on and to secure on-going improvement of the Code of Conduct, a Code of Conduct forum is implemented for knowledge sharing and discussion. The forum makes it possible to bring relevant representatives from the entire organisation together and ensure cross-functional alignment and coordination of business ethics activities.

code of conduct governance framework

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