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At Grundfos we take pride in doing our part in contributing to a more sustainable world - and we approach the task with confidence.

Every day Grundfos people take steps to create sustainable results and to contribute to Grundfos becoming an ever more sustainable company.

We focus on actions and results within our six focus areas:

Sustainable product solutions, People competences, Environmental footprint, Workplace, Community and Responsible business conduct

Here are the highlights of our sustainability results 2015.
If you want elaborated results please see our performance overview   


Sustainable product solutions

Every day, the world faces major challenges, such as climate change and resource scarcity. At Grundfos, we strive to help solve these challenges. We do so by delivering some of the most energy-efficient circulator pump solutions on the market, by producing solutions to help water-related problems and by improving the design and production phase of our solutions.

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People competences

Being a successful and sustainable business means that you have to adapt to the surrounding environment and ensure a continuous development. This
is of course also the situation for Grundfos. The key element in this journey
is our employees. We have a responsibility to develop our employees personally and professionally to ensure personal growth and to sustain an innovative and sustainable business.  

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Environmental footprint

At Grundfos, we want to minimise our environmental footprint. This commitment includes specific focus on our energy and carbon footprint, water footprint, chemical management, as well as the responsible handling of waste.

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At Grundfos, we want a safe and positive physical and psychological work environment, where innovation and personal development can flourish. This includes the safety, health, diversity and well-being of our employees.

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At Grundfos, we wish to improve our positive impact on the communities in which we operate. For this reason, many of our companies support their local communities.

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Responsible business

At Grundfos, we believe that being a responsible company is part of doing business. Being a responsible company is a shared responsibility we have across functions and something to which every single employee contributes.

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