Reporting on sustainability

Reporting on Sustainability in Grundfos

It is important for us to set targets and monitor development. For the ninth consecutive year, we therefore provide a report on sustainability achievements. It is the ambition of Grundfos to engage in open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders by providing a fair and balanced picture of Grundfos' contribution to sustainable development.

UN Global Compact

Our work with sustainability rests on a firm foundation, drawing on several recognised, international agreements. Since 2002, Grundfos has supported the UN Global Compact and its ten principles. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we support Caring for Climate and the CEO Water Mandate.

The Grundfos Sustainability Progress Report 2015 functions as our UN Global Compact COP (Communication on Progress), and the Grundfos Thinks Water Wise 2015 functions as our CEO Water Mandate COP.

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