Sustainability in Grundfos

We believe that every day holds the possibility of solving the urgent challenges of the world. Every day we choose to take steps to care for our people, our planet and our business. In Grundfos everyone is invited to take part in making the world better. Only through a joint global effort will we be able to keep our core promise: to be responsible, to think ahead and to innovate the future. See more on how sustainability is understood and integrated in Grundfos, and get an introduction to our sustainable focus areas in this short video "What =Sustainability in Grundfos?".

Sustainability focus areas

Below you can read about our six Sustainability focus areas


Sustainable product solutions

'Sustainable product solutions’ focuses, among other things, on Grundfos’ ability to invent and sell technologies and solutions helping the end-user to reduce their energy consumption and lower their water consumption. Also, introducing new ways of re-using resources is important, as there is focus on the entire product life cycle including disposal and recycling.

For more information on Sustainable product solutions please click here

People Competences - Logo_721x721

People competences

With the focus area 'People competences' we commit ourselves to attract, retain and develop world class people to take on the sustainability agenda.

We wish create general awareness on sustainability and make it part of the mindset; e.g. by incorporating sustainability into existing training programmes, and thereby making it a natural part of our understanding and everything we do.

For more information on 'People competences' please click here

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Environmental footprint

The focus area ‘Environmental footprint’ has a specific focus on four elements; energy and carbon footprint, water footprint, waste footprint, and chemical footprint.

Reducing energy consumption related to our activities and reducing our customers’ energy consumption is one of the most important aspects in the effort to realize our ambition to never emit more CO2 than in we did in 2008, despite the economic growth.

Water is essential for basic survival, food production and business growth. Therefore every single drop counts. We have committed to reduce our total water consumption by 50 % of 2008 level by 2025.

Want to know more about how we work with improving our environmental footprint? See the Sustainability Progress Report or click here to see a short video

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As we take care of our people, safety, health and well-being of employees go beyond everything else. We have ambitious goals, and we want to strengthen a mindset of safety first and proactive when it comes to ensuring zero injuries and absence related to injuries.

Creating a workplace which promotes diversity also includes encouraging an inclusive workforce and taking care of those with special needs.

Click here to see a short video about 'Workplace'

Community - Logo_721x721


With the focus area 'Community' we have ambitious goals and our aim is to create shared value by supporting community development projects which makes a positive difference for the people, the environment and Grundfos.

For more information click here to see a short video

Responsible Business Conduct - Logo_721x721

With the focus area 'Responsible business conduct' we will focus on strengthening our activities in order to comply with the UN Global Compact in regards to labour standards, human rights, anti-corruption, and environment.

With our Code of Conduct we wish to guide all Grundfos companies and employees. This relates to our internal conduct, as well as our behaviour towards external stakeholders.

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