Water Activities

Mads Nipper

We are facing a big challenge

– but the solutions are here

Hundreds of millions of people without access to clean drinking water, droughts affecting productive farmlands, and flooding endangering inhabitants around the world: this is today’s reality. It is also why the World Economic Forum has once again named the global water crisis as the biggest threat facing the planet over the next
decade. In the following cases, you can read about our work to improve the world’s water situation. Enjoy your reading, and Think Water Wise.

Dirty water transformed into clean drinking water in Mexico

Dirty water transformed into clean drinking water in Mexico

A focus on people and helping those that are most vulnerable is deeply rooted in Grundfos’ DNA and is part of our values. As demonstrated in this case, local Grundfos companies take this responsibility seriously and work to make a difference in their communities. Read more

Grundfos and Kenyan water utility bring affordable water to Nairobian slums

Grundfos and Kenyan water utility bring affordable water to Nairobi slums

Grundfos and a local water utility in Nairobi have proven that a joint effort can make clean drinking water more accessible and affordable to the city’s residents. Read more

Mads Nipper

Grundfos pumps keep water at bay

When rising waters turn into a flood, the consequences can be severe and sometimes claim lives. However, the risks can be brought under control to ensure the safety of people living along the shoreline. Read more


Promoting sustainable water solutions in India

“With great products come great responsibility”. This loose interpretation of a famous movie quote is a very real cornerstone of Grundfos’ business. It is also the main reason the company actively works with governments and decision makers to share knowledge of sustainable water solutions. Read more

Reducing our own water consumption

Reducing our water consumption

As a company that produces water and energy efficient solutions, Grundfos plays a vital part in helping others reduce their negative environmental impact. Therefore, it is only natural that we also work to reduce our own water and energy consumption. Read more

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