Kenya: Women energy entrepreneurs

Building enterprises in poor communities

Initiated by Practical Action, this project is aimed at 730 women in specific areas of Kenya. Its main objective is to help them set up or expand small energy enterprises that make environmentally-friendly products available in poverty-stricken communities.


In rural Kenya, many households don’t have access to grid electricity, resulting in the use of dangerous kerosene, wood and charcoal for lighting and cooking purposes. The lack of modern energy not only harms the health of women and children, but the daily grind to collect the fuel also wastes a precious amount of time that could be spent otherwise. 


Working with 730 small-scale women entrepreneurs, the project will provide training on business skills and planning, market information as well as access to networks and finance. By helping these women build and maintain sustainable businesses in cook stoves, briquettes and solar products, the project can help introduce environmentally-friendly products to the communities.


The project intends to empower Kenyan women and enable them to benefit from sustainable energy opportunities – both from an entrepreneurial and a consumer perspective. Overall, the project’s objective is to help women entrepreneurs earn a solid income and give the consumers access to safe, energy-efficient solutions for their homes.

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