Mali: Healthy Communities

Safer water and better hygiene

Initiated by WaterAid in 2016, the Mali: Healthy Communities is a four-year programme that will improve water sanitation and hygiene by building and rehabilitating water points and toilet blocks. It will also help young men and women set up small businesses in water and sanitation.


As one of the poorest countries on earth, it’s not surprising that Mali is a country ridden with serious and deadly conditions, which they simply don’t have the funds to address. One such condition is the lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation. More than 3.7 million children, women and men only have access to dirty water that not only leads to severe illnesses, but also death.


With the Mali: Healthy Communities programme, it is quite clear that there is no quick fix. In order to provide lasting results, it’s important to build and maintain trustworthy partnerships with a range of partners in different sectors as well as exercise patience. As clean water is a precious resource for survival, it is paramount to promote the awareness and demand for clean water, good hygiene and sanitation in the afflicted communities.


By bringing clean water and decent toilets to the communities, WaterAid can provide new opportunities allowing people to break free from poverty. Due to the easier access to clean water, the economic life within the community will be triggered as waterborne and sanitation-related diseases are reduced. Furthermore, the project offers financial and entrepreneurial training to support anyone in the community looking to set up a small business in water and sanitation.

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