Peru/Bolivia: Sustainable farming in the cloud forest

New, eco-friendly growing methods for coffee farmers

Providing training in sustainable production methods and exploring new avenues for small coffee producers in the Cloud Forest, this project helps make them more resistant to the effects of climate change.


Due to unsustainable growing methods, coffee cultivation is becoming one of the primary threats to the cloud forest in Peru and Bolivia. As one of the most important agriculture sectors in the two countries, it has a massive impact on the 200,000 coffee producers, for whom growing coffee beans is the only source of income. 


By focusing on training producers to use environmentally sustainable growing methods, the project can improve the quality of the producers’ coffee as well as increase their income. Project activities include the creation of 30 new agroforestry techniques, certification schemes, business training and strategy development.


The overall objective is to improve the protection of the environment, improve the quality of the coffee and increase the farmers’ income – giving them and their families peace of mind. By enabling coffee producers to adopt more sustainable techniques, the quality of their product improves, enabling them to attract larger buyers and get better prices.

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