Timor Leste: A brighter future for women and girls

Contributing to a healthier future

Introduced by WaterAid, this project aims to build clean water systems in villages and teach sanitary practices, allowing women to spend more time on education – and less on collecting water from unsafe sources.


In many communities throughout Timor Leste, accessing clean water involves hours of long, exhausting and not least dangerous journeys. With that in mind, it goes without saying that a very limited number of people have access to clean water. The intake of dirty water and lack of sanitation leads to illnesses, while the uneven, slippery terrain they navigate in search of clean water results in numerous injuries and fatalities.


By working with a wide range of government, civil society and private sector partners, combined with careful research of the affected areas, the project intends to build awareness about the vitality of sanitation and good hygiene. Building clean water systems and good toilet facilities can reduce the outbreak of waterborne diseases, and contribute to the economic growth in the afflicted communities.


The main objective of the project is to provide clean water systems and decent toilet facilities in local communities. By doing so, these communities no longer have to drink dirty water and risk fatal illnesses. Ultimately, this obviously results in a much better health, which in turn allows girls and women to stay in school, care for their families and make a living.

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