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“I save hours of work with the new ALPHA3 System”

Proper flow-based hydronic balancing just got A LOT easier for installers. All you need is an ALPHA3 with an ALPHA Reader – and your smartphone.

Save me the hassle

“It’s the easiest way to make my big customers happy”

If you need a circulator with more muscle, the MAGNA3 is perfect for heating (and cooling) in apartment blocks or small businesses.

Go big with MAGNA3

“The new ALPHA3 System has been landing me a lot of new customers”

Our new system can cut the annual heating bill by up to 20% in the vast majority of Danish homes.

Help me sell it


ALPHA2 - The best just got tougher

The ALPHA2 has four new features and benefits
that make this best-selling circulator even more durable.

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