Grundfos BioBooster

Grundfos BioBooster - next generation wastewater solutions

Grundfos BioBooster is developing and delivering solutions for wastewater treatment and water re-use for applications in the food and beverage industry and for treating municipal and hospital wastewater.

Herlev Hospital

Grundfos BioBooster solves wastewater issues for Herlev Hospital

A new report shows that a wastewater treatment system
developed by Grundfos works so well in practise that all dangerous substances
can effectively be removed from Herlev Hospital’s wastewater.

With the help of a Grundfos BioBooster purification plant, Herlev Hospital proves, as the first in Denmark, that it is possible to clean wastewater efficiently, before it leaves the grounds of the hospital. After almost two years of testing, a report from DHI shows that all dangerous substances can be removed from the wastewater, preventing it from harming water, plants, animals and humans in its surrounding environment – to top it all, at a lower price than what the hospital had to pay otherwise.“ The hospital’s purification plant is capable of cleaning the wastewater to a degree where bacteria, medical substances and endocrine disruptors that make the risk of damaging water environment, animals and humans disappear,” says chief planner Ulf Nielsen, DHI, who has been project manager on preparing the report. 

Grundfos Biobooster on Top 50 of water companies 

The Artemis Project has has announced the winners of its first annual Top 50 Water Companies Competition. Grundfos BioBooster is number 35 on the list. The award distinguishes advanced water and water-related technology companies as leaders in their trade for helping to build water into one od the great high-growth industries of the 21st century. The companies were selected by a panel of experts based on an integrated matrix of four criteria: technology, intellectual property and know-how, team and market potential.

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Dairy Suppliers Day

BioBooster at Dairy Suppliers Day 2016

BioBooster was present at the Dairy Suppliers Day talking about the  reuse of RO-water.
The conference took place on 19/04/2016, in Billund.   

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