Conex DIS-C



Conex® DIS-C  conductivity measurement (conductive, inductive)

The Conex® DIS (Dosing Instrumentation Standard) models are simple, cost-efficient units for amplifying and control. Fitted with a powerful 16-bit microprocessor system and offering a choice of settings, they ensure high water quality while reducing the volumes of chemicals dosed, offering a combination of simplicity and efficiency.

The Conex® DIS-C measures conductivity in a range of appli­cations from bottle-washing to harsh desalination applica­tions. This is possible because the DIS-C is available with a choice of conductive or inductive cells.


  • Conductivity measuring with conductive measuring cells in fresh water
  • Conductivity measuring with inductive measuring cells for harsh environments. DIS-C models with inductive measuring cells are ideal for aggressive media because the measuring coils do not come into contact with the sample water.
  • Display languages: German, English and French.


Drinking water treatment

  • monitoring of conductivity in water-works

Industrial process water treatment

  • conductivity as indicator to protect against corrosion in the installation
  • monitoring of conductivity in industrial process applications for  production
  • monitor desalination in cooling systems to protect the environment when draining
  • can be used within harsh environments in metal plating processes or galvanic
  • Food and beverages industry
    monitoring of conductivity in bottle washing machines in breweries
  • monitoring of conductivity during the cleaning of process tanks in fruit juice production or brewery CIP (cleaning in place)

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  • Display language in German, English and French




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