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Are you tired of having to service your pumps on a regular basis – only to find when you do that they were operating flawlessly? With the CR monitor the days of frequent inspection and unnecessary periodic maintenance are over. Through 24/7 monitoring and supervision of critical parameters in your process, the intelligent monitor is able to predict pump failures long before they occur.

The early warning allows you to rectify any inefficiency before it becomes a problem and thus to reduce unexpected, costly downtime to an absolute minimum. In turn, this results in a much more profitable production process, not least because the CR monitor enables ongoing optimisation of the pump in terms of efficiency and power consumption.


  • Pumps in demanding applications where zero downtime is required
  • Pumps exposed to extreme wear or clogging due to materials in the pumped liquid
  • Pumps in processes where continuous monitoring and control are essential.

Features and benefits

  • Detects reductions in pump efficiency
  • Detects imminent pump cavitation
  • Detects abnormal operation
  • Automatically plans maintenance.

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  • Detects reductions in efficiency
  • Detects imminent pump cavitation
  • Detects operation at abnormal duty point



CR monitor – product brochure

CR monitor – product brochure

Product brochure
Publication No: 96882246
Release date: 09-12-2008

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