Applying for a job

How do I apply for an advertised job?

When you find a position that you would like to apply for, please click on the job title or Read more to see the full job description. Click on the tab Apply for this job and a new window will open with the job ad.

You need to create a talent profile in order to apply for a job at Grundfos. This profile can be used to apply for more than one job. 

Click here to create a profile 

How do I create a new job alert?

Log into your account, click on Job Management and choose the tab Saved Searches/Alerts. Click on the tab Create New Job Alert.

Does Grundfos receive unsolicited applications?

As we have a common global recruitment system, Grundfos will not receive or respond to unsolicited email applications. If you wish to submit your CV for consideration to any open positions, please do so by creating a profile in our talent pool via this link

When you create an account, tick to confirm that you accept that we store your personal data under the terms of the data privacy section – click the link to read the terms. You can choose the following to make your profile visible to:

1. Any recruiter worldwide in Grundfos

2. Any company recruiter in my country of residence

3. Only recruiters managing jobs I apply to

How can I see the status of my application?

To view the status of your application, log on to your profile and click on the Job Applications tab.

  • Draft: Your application has not been submitted. Note: To submit, please complete your application and click Apply
  • In Progress: Your application is currently being reviewed by the recruiter.
  • Withdrawn: You have withdrawn your application.
  • Not Selected: After reviewing your application, we have chosen to go further with other applicants. However, we would still encourage you to apply for other relevant job openings in Grundfos.

What language should I use to apply and register online?

You should make sure your profile information and CV are available in the same language as the description of the job you are applying for. You can upload several documents in the talent pool.

The correspondence you receive from us will be in one of nine languages – English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Serbian or Hungarian – depending on the language settings in your browser. You can at any time change your language in the top right corner. 

What do I do if I have a questions for a job post?

At the bottom of the job post you will typically be able to find the contact information for the hiring manager, who will be able to answer your questions regarding the job.

What should I do, if I want a job at Grundfos in another country than my home country?

If you already work at Grundfos you should: ask your manager if you can work abroad in another country – if yes your manager should explore the Global Mobility site on Insite and subsequently your manager and Global Mobility will guide you.

If you do not work at Grundfos but you want to apply for a job at Grundfos in another country than your home country: First you need to apply for the job at our job page – attraction will be in charge of the process and if you are selected for a job interview Grundfos will pay for your travel expenses. If you are offered the position, your manager and attraction, supported by Global Mobility, will guide you further through the relocation process.

Can I apply for more than one job?

Yes, you can apply for more than one job.