About the programme

A programme designed for you

As a Grundfos Graduate, you will be on fast track development. You will do this by exploring various parts of the Grundfos organisation, in different departments and at international locations. You will drive your 2-year development journey and receive world-class support in many forms such as a mentor, a buddy, and through structured planning, review and follow-up on personal development plans. You will be challenged to expand your understanding, your global mindset and your network. Our global programme is designed to meet your ambitions and transform your curiosity into action. When you join Grundfos, you become part of our brand and our shared commitment to making a difference in the world. 

Grundfos Global Graduates have worked in countries such as China, Phillippines, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia, USA, and other 50+ Grundfos companies around the world.

Graduate Programme Rotation Process

Tailor your development journey

Through the 2-year journey in Grundfos, we will constantly focus to unfold your talents and personal development. You will be part of a global organisation where you can start in different functions based on your previous education and your aspiration. You will join projects with strong-driven teams providing high-impact experiences that will foster your ambition. The rotations during the programme will be placed for you according to your previous education, that could be within Engineering and Digitalisation areas, Supply Chain and Operations, Finance, Business, Sales, Marketing or Service.

“I personally was attracted by the different options that the program provided me. As a new graduate coming from a university it is difficult to say which role you would like to hold in a company. The programme allows me to take a rotation in fields that I desire. In the end it is up to you to determine where your field of interest lies and along the way you get full support from the programme” – Mads Rosdahl, Global Graduate 2018

When applying the Graduate Programme, we will carefully see your education and experience. Based on those background, you will be placed in the first rotation within different fundtions in Grundfos. Below are some of the area.

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Global Business Graduate

Global Business Graduate

"In Grundfos, we want to add value to our core business, to what you do and to what we can do together. We build strong partnerships with all our customers, partners and suppliers. We bring quality products, cutting-edge research and development and world-class components."

As a Global Business Graduate in Grundfos, you will have the opportunity to make difference and working on tasks that are directly link to our core strategy in business. You will get to experience and involved in different part of the organisation. You will get the opportunity to involve yourself in business strategic projects and you are likely to leave your footprint in different business units such as Service, Marketing & Sales, Business Development, or Digital Commercial offerings. You are expected to be able to combine design thinking and anthropological approach to customer centricity and creating impact, while also solving problems in a structured and analytical manner.

Our previous Global Business Graduates have worked in below areas:

  • Customer Insights
  • Marketing, Internal Communications
  • Emerging Water Technology
  • Commercialization
  • Project Sales and Business Development
  • and many more
Global Engineering Graduate

Global Engineering & Data Analytics Graduate

"Innovation is our brand. Sustainability is our heart. And excellence is at the top of our minds. We are a global company with a drive to develop solutions for the world’s water challenges. We play an active part in our surrounding world."

As a Global Engineering Graduate in Grundfos, you will get the opportunity to involve yourself in our core and futuretechnologies and commercial offerings. We will be looking for candidates from a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines from Mechanical, Digitalisation (i.e Machine Learning, IoT) or Data Analytics. You will likely leave your footprints in various business units as Technology & Innovation, Digital Commercial Offerings or Service & Solutions. You will have the chance to work on design, and in later rotation on e.g. production, business and supply chain.


Our previous Global Engineering Graduates have worked in below areas:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Data Analytics
  • Digitalization
  • Simulation Driven Development technology project
  • Business Development Segments
  • Water Utility
  • and many more
Global Finance Graduate

Global Finance Graduate

In Grundfos, Finance consists of various functions within Financial Planning & Analysis, Corporate Finance Reporting & Compliance, and Finance Worldwide, including Financial Shared Service in Hungary. We are focusing in shaping and implementing solutions leading to world-class performance management.

As a Global Finance Graduate in Grundfos, you will get the opportunity to involve yourself in a business-oriented finance role in the global environment and you are likely to leave your footprint in the business decision making processes. You areexpected to be able to develop sustainable and practical solutions to our business challenges within portfolio performance and cost out. You will get the chance to perform Business Analytics and provide the business with the insight behind thenumbers. We want to build up this capability for Grundfos not only seen within Finance, as the business analytics isvaluable beyond the financial numbers.


Our previous Global Finance Graduates have worked in below areas:

  • Performance Management, Master data management and financial controlling
  • Evaluation of development projects, business partnering on various product ideas
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Group Profitability
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • and many more
Global Supply Chain Graduate

Global Supply Chain Graduate

Group Supply Chain is responsible for the planning and distribution of Grundfos products globally. We set the overall level of production and inventory plans to best satisfy the current planned levels of sales and we ensure that Grundfos’ transportation services are at the highest level possible and thereby enabling our products to arrive at our customers.

As a Global Supply Chain Graduate, you will join our global supply chain network, where you will not only work with colleagues from our global process team and plants but also with colleagues from Finance, Sales and Segments. As such, you gain a broad perspective as well as insight from a cross-fictional collaboration. Group Supply Chain has the SIOP process ownership and work across all of Grundfos’ different functions, from Business Development over Operations to Sales and everything in between, to mature the processes within SIOP and define our SIOP goals for 2020. 

Our previous Global Supply Chain Graduates have worked in below areas:

  • Demand & Supply Integration
  • Corporate Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
  • Production Planning
  • Sales & Operations
  • and many more