Meet our Global Graduates

Kasper Svith

A true eye opener

Kasper Svith, Global Graduate 2018

If you want to explore different areas of a global company and help build a sustainable future, reduce climate impact and provide clean water for all, the Grundfos Graduate Programme is a great opportunity! In being a graduate you receive exposure to senior management, explore your talent and develop throughout the programme. You will be challenged, encouraged and mentored along the way and encounter various exciting projects depending on your selected journey.

Becoming part of an inspiring company like Grundfos has been a true eye opener for me in how such a global company can live true sustainable and ethical values, while producing and delivering pumps and solutions at world-class level.

Malene Dalgaard

Like a candy shop full of opportunities 

Malene Dalgaard Nielsen, Group Process Consultant

Supply Chain Graduate 2016

Being part of the programme is like entering a candy shop full of opportunities. Imagine you got the opportunity to try out 4 different things in your first job. That is how it is to be a Grundfos Global Graduate. Being part of an inspiring company which have amazing projects to offer in every corner of the firm is a fantastic opportunity.

It is true when they say you get to tailor your own career, and as I didn’t know what my dream position was, or what tasks it should include, the Graduate program was, and still is, ideal for me. I’ve had the chance to work on both as strategical as well as operational level in the company, and I’ve never imagined I could learn so much, this fast. I am getting crisper on what I want, or don’t want, and that is a big step for me. Being on this personal journey combined with working in a company full of inspiring people, who are eager to teach, but also learn, is a
combination I wouldn’t have missed out on. 

Rune Eg Hvedemose

Grow professionally and personally

Rune Eg Hvedemose, Pricing and Commercial Dev. Manager

Global Finance Graduate 2016

The graduate program for me is the opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally through 5 years of experience squeezed into a 2-year program. The program is flexible enough to match each graduate’s preferences but structured enough to build a strong foundation of both soft as well as technical skills.

During the rotations, the program helps you explore not only the disciplines associated with your graduate track but challenge you to build a wide array of both cross functional- as well as technical engineering business acumen. I would say that with the flexibility and support during the program the only limit for your development and learning is your own abilities and mindset.

Martin Møldrup

Learn and Develop in the Programme

Martin Møldrup, Senior Data Scientist

Engineering Graduate 2016

“In just 2 years you gain knowledge, experience and network equivalent to 5 years of working experience”. I really believe this to be true. If you like to learn and develop yourself both personally and professionally, the Grundfos Graduate Programme is for you.

More importantly, Grundfos works on two of the UN world sustainable development goals: Combating climate change and its impacts and Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all. A do-good mentality is deeply rooted in the Grundfos culture and history which is amazing to be a part of. I strongly believe that it matters for the satisfaction in life and work, that what you do, makes a positive impact on the world. 10% of world electric energy is used in pumps, join Grundfos, the world largest pump manufacturer, and help us bring that down.   

Senior Data Scientist
Frederik Bjarkam

The chance of making a real difference

Frederik Bjarkam, Strategy Execution Consultant

Global Business Graduate 2016

If you believe in a sustainable future, and want to be part of a company that builds bridge between business and doing good, look no further. Grundfos ensures clean water to millions around the globe and is among the world’s biggest players within water sanitation and pump solutions. As part of Grundfos Graduate Programme, you will find yourself in a unique position of the talent pipeline. You are entrusted great levels of responsibility, as complex tasks and new challenges are the daily routine. There will be great expectations of you and you will need to work hard to meet them. Luckily you are not left to handle it unsupported – I’ve felt strong support from my mentor, graduate buddy, manager and all my colleagues.

In my experience, you need an open mind, and an eager to learn quickly if you want success in the programme as the learning curve is sky high. So, if you believe that you can make a real difference, The Grundfos Graduate Programme is a great opportunity.

Strategy Execution Consultant