Associate Product Specialist

Purpose of job

Associate Product Specialist is responsible for applying subject matter knowledge with a limited degree of technical/business insight in the Strategy and Business Development department.  Work across functional areas and may work under some degree of supervision.

Roles & Responsibilities

Product management
• Deveop and implement product sales strategy & manage price evel annually and set up new pricing policy for new products
• Provide technica solutions for dealers and customers
• Transate product brochure and technical manuals
• Conduct interna training and technical seminars for customers
• Support product approvas and certificates

Strategic planning and business development
• Prepare Budget and Forecast for major products, company evel
• Communicate with regiona application specialist for strategic cooperation
• Hande quarterly and annual sales reports
• Attend overseas product and appication regional meetings
• Pan and conduct product sales strategies and marketing activities

Sales support to sales frontline:
• Technica backup for all elements in 7 steps of selling (Sales Excellence).
• Convert technica knowhow into selling solutions and added customer value.
• Deveop local solutions with understanding of products and the local  context/customer needs.

Local product development:
• Produce local content to the standards of the product and application knowledge hub.
• Act as “Train the Trainer” local and contribute to growing global product knowledge.

Participate in internal technical networks:
• Participate in subject matter expert networks.
• Collaborate locally with sales, services and external partners.

Critical knowledge and experience

•  Preferred Mechanical/Electrical engineering Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience, Master's Degree

•  Industry, market and business environment

   - Contribute with well-defined elements to developed processes within Regional Business Development.

   - Ability to contribute to processes or projects.

   - Ability to contribute business process within Regional Business Development.

   - Most likely to have 4-8 years of relevant work experience before entering level besides formal education

•  Technical, functional and professional

   - Solid knowledge of the plans, processes and activities within the functional area  in Regional Business Development.

   - Strong ability influence others.

   - Possess a great understanding of the relevant systems, local laws and regulations where applicable, for the Regional Business Development.

• High level of English skill (Speaking and writing)

• Self-driven with ability to prioritize tasks based on set objectives

• Enthusiam and persistence in getting the job done; honesty and integrity to uphold the Company's value

• Positive self confidence and ability to deal with pressure & Good people skills and team work spirit to achieve goals

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