Senior Sales engineer,CBS

1、Key Duties:

  1. Handling of sales within assigned business scope within the framework of the strategies and policies of the company
  2. Implementation of sales policies, procedures and systems in order to ensure compliance with corporate policies.
  3. Create and maintain good relationship with customers.
  4. According to sales target, work out sales strategy and sales budget in the specific business area of the specific region.  After review and approve by the management, carry out the qualitative and quantitative tasks in respect of policies and the authority assigned.
  5. Monitor account receivable balance on a monthly basis; follow up with customers on outstanding balances and ensure that customers pay as per terms in order to help manage cash flow and reduce potential bad debts.
  6. Maintain good relationship with dealers, building project’s owner, engineering contractor, design institute, consulting firms, and authorities.


  1. 与顾客建立长期的关系,完成公司市场销售需求和计划。
  2. 根据销售目标,在当地市场制定销售策略和销售预算。
  3. 与经销商建立和保持长期良好的关系。
  4. 向客户推荐产品,系统解决方案,应用,销售,服务理念,服务包等。
  5. 与经销商,建筑项目业主,工程承包商,设计院,咨询公司和当局保持良好关系。



  1. Degree holder in electrical or hydraulic or mechanical field
  2. Minimum 3 years sales/design experience in the field of industry products ,the field of pumps/valves/air-condition/water supply or control panels will be advantage
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Aggressive, strong market development capabilities
  5. Result driven, strong responsibility and executive ability
  6. Team player
  7. Customer oriented
  8. Honesty and integrity to uphold the Company’s values
  9. Good people skills and able to work with people at all levels
  10. Self-driven with ability to prioritize tasks based on set objectives
  11. Enthusiasm and persistence in getting the job done
  12. Positive self-confidence and ability to deal with pressure


1、  本科学历优先,工科背景优先(性别不限)

2、  有一定的英文书面能力

3、  5-8年工作经验

4、  有较强的沟通能力、项目能力(必备)

5、  商业建筑行业销售经验(核心) 


4、Competencies (clearly outlining mandatory vs desirable requirements):Good communication skills,Strong sales ability; 有较强的沟通能力、销售能力

5、Diploma degree

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