Culture and values

When you join Grundfos, you become part of our brand and shared commitment to make a difference by confronting the water and energy challenges that the world is facing. Your contribution lies in the decisions you make and actions you take – whether it be in production, supply chain, marketing, finance, IT, sales, service or research and development.

You can contribute to helping us stand out as responsible, forward thinking and innovative. Take a closer look at our values and culture below.

How we act

Grundfos is a company with strong values. Our values describe who we are and what makes us special. They unite us across the organisation and guide us in our daily work, decisions and actions. Take a closer look at our values here. 

Along with our values, we have defined three key behaviours essential to reaching our goals. Showing accountability, being collaborative and understanding the needs of our customers.

Accountability means taking ownership of the problem and solution, seizing the opportunities you are given and following through. 

Collaboration is achieving goals together by connecting with the right people, proactively sharing knowledge and maintaining a curiosity for new and different viewpoints.

Customer centricity means seeing problems through the customers' eyes and challenging yourself to understand and even predict their needs.


Employee programme

Our commitment to making a difference is also reflected in our employee programme Water2Life. Through different activities, our employees collect funds to provide people in the developing world with access to clean water. Grundfos matches employee contributions so that a new water system is funded fifty-fifty by employees and the company. The Water2Life ambassadors work voluntarily for this good cause while collaborating with colleagues across the world.

Read more about Water2Life and sustainability in Grundfos

We believe that sustainability and responsibility are not just a department or a report. It is the very essence in every company, who wants to think ahead and accomplish something greater than just creating short term profit. 

Mads Nipper, CEO

Grundfos Olympics

Grundfos Olympics

Every fourth year, employees from all over the world gather in Denmark for the Grundfos Olympics. The games are deeply rooted in our fundamental values. We build new friendships and experience that we are all part of the same team – irrespective of nationality, religion, professional position or educational background. This is what the Grundfos Olympics is all about.

The Grundfos Olympics invites the employees to be open, tolerant and generous to one another whether it be on the sports fields or in the private homes of Danish colleagues hosting participants from abroad.

The Grundfos Olympics are more than a global get-together. The event gives all companies in the Grundfos Group a great opportunity for team building across borders.

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