Be a success in your job

To be happy and motivated in your job, you need to know what is expected of you, understand the direction in which the company is going and see the potential for career development. Due to our size, we offer career paths that let you develop as a specialist or a people leader. This may take you to new parts of the world or open up new job areas depending on your aspirations.  

We know that our most important asset is our people, and we know that leadership is of great importance for both development and performance. That is why every employee in Grundfos has an annual performance and development dialogue with their manager. Based on the company’s overall objectives, part of the dialogue is to set goals for the coming year so you know what it takes for you to be a success. An important part of this is to identify learning or development goals needed for you to meet your goals. You will also talk about your career aspirations and the personal and professional development needed for you to get there through for example training activities or global opportunities. And finally, you discuss other areas relating to your work life, such as general reflections.

Leadership development

We are outspoken about what is expected of you so that you know what it takes from you to lead at the right level. We constantly encourage you to benefit from and contribute to sharing of knowledge and inspiration with your peers. We are curious about how you and your colleagues constantly seek to make each other even better. And we care about your personal development. For those of you who are interested in the theories behind our leadership framework, you can look up Performance Pipeline, DAC (Direction, Alignment, Commitment) and Enterprise Contribution.

Being a global organisation with an ambitious strategy and an engaging purpose, we offer multiple career possibilities. We support your leadership with solid and well designed processes that helps you making focused decisions regarding people and organisation. And we offer development possibilities with Grundfos specific training at the Poul Due Jensen Academy, which you can read more about below.

A global academy for learning

The Poul Due Jensen Academy is located in Bjerringbro, and with its 40 residence rooms, multiple classrooms, conference rooms and meeting facilities, it is an exceptional, physical proof of our high commitment to investing in employee’s learning and development.

The Academy offers a broad range of commercial, technical, leadership and generic training. Each year, thousands of employees participate in e-learning and face-2-face training sessions – some are at the location in Bjerringbro, others are delivered in a local context in customized strategy aligned training programmes for employees and leaders in Grundfos.

Our current ambition is to become even better at embracing the future of learning by working with new digital trends & technologies. The Academy is named after the inventor Poul Due Jensen, the founder of Grundfos.

Poul Due Jensen Academy