Strategic partnerships

When we think of a strategic partner, we think of a company with world-class and deep expertise. A company with a vision to do great business, a business that not only focuses on creating end-customer value but that contributes to society.

Do you want to contribute to Smart City ecosystems together?

If you are willing to combine our capabilities and to work as one team, where we can co-develop, co-market, co-sell and co-scale together, we want to talk to you.  

Strategic partnerships

In the digital age, no company can do great things alone.

We understand a strategic partner is SDG, end-customer focused and ready to work together so that we can make a real difference on the world’s water and climate challenges. These partnerships are strategic and succeed by working together and complementing one another’s market knowledge and expertise. When we challenge and leverage each other’s strengths, we can deliver a greater value to our customers than we could if we tried separately.

It is not about the one project we tackle today, it is about supporting our respective business strategies to impact the future. We believe that by going beyond one-off transactional projects, we can support our long-term strategic business goals to secure world impact.

More about our strategic partnerships

Our ecosystem ambition

At Grundfos, we have the appetite to become a preferred water infrastructure  partner in Smart City ecosystems. This means, for example, being able to provide a smart city with a fully connected network of assets and services, from the pump in your basement to your city’s overall water levels, quality and energy optimization.

With this ambition, we are connecting with companies all over the world and building a strong ecosystem of smart products, digital services and strategic partners that will be able to solve the big challenges the cities of the future will face.  

Partnering interest areas


  • Commercial buildings
  • Domestic buildings
  • Smart home


  • Condition monitoring


  • Clean water
  • Wastewater

Smart city

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If you have a great idea for new or better offerings and would like to explore it together with us, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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