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UNLEASH the talents
Innovative technology solves problem for farmers
Advanced filtration method makes it possible to extract water from biogas digestate and slurry, so that it can return to nature and remaining nutrients be recovered. Grundfos BioBooster’s Membrane Filtration Units play a decisive role.
Innovative partnership brings safe, sustainable water access to 1.5 million ...
Renewable energy and water innovation will play pivotal parts, when ADRA International and Grundfos join forces to reach people all over the globe with safe and sustainable water.
Employees learn about ethics at Grundfos
To uphold the company values and ethical standards, Grundfos employees are being taught how to comply with the guiding principles found in the company’s Code of Conduct.
Italian top performer awarded supplier of the year
Due to outstanding service, quality and a strong competitive position, Mollificio Mantovano receives Grundfos Supplier Award 2016. For almost ten years the Italian company has provided Grundfos with clips, clamps and springs while developing new solutions to match our needs.