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We are expanding in India
A new plant in Dantali in the North Indian state of Gujarat has opened its doors. This brings us closer to important customers and partners in the Northern regions of the country.
The water is buried deep
The Danish well drillers PC Drill have been in the water industry for almost 120 years. For them, soil is not just soil, but something that tells a story about our water, metre by metre. When they chase drinking water in the depths, our pumps play a role.
New benchmark for sustainable urban development
A climate-friendly building that does not compromise with architectural ambitions.
We put focus on water at the UN
Sustainable development is a key part of the agenda at the UN General Assembly in New York. Grundfos takes part in the discussions and the actions. Our emphasis is on making water and sanitation available for all.
Keeping warm with less energy waste in China
District heating is a business on the move in China. Qingdao Power Group is one of the frontrunners of the trade. Strong partnerships keep them in top shape.
Powering up in 3D-printing
Powering up in 3D-printing
Grundfos delivers significant sales and earnings growth in the first ...
Grundfos gains further global market share and improves the financial results for the first half-year of 2017.
Unleashing the talents
Unleashing the talents
UNLEASH the talents
UNLEASH the talents
Providing water to drought-hit Italy
Providing water to drought-hit Italy