5 Ways Grundfos Product Center Will Make Your Life Easier

Product Center tips

1. Quick Sizing

VIDEO: Quick Sizing. Just enter your duty point, sizing information and Start Sizing. Presto.

Find a product based on head and flow and then how it should be sized – by application, pump design or family. That’s it.

“It’s great for those rough, initial designs, and for the majority of the time, it’s accurate as to the final selection,” says Marcus Fich, Business Development Manager at Grundfos.

Contractors use it to validate tender material. Specifying engineers can use it to help define project and system demands early on, allowing them to start sizing.

“It takes less than a minute to do that initial selection – and then you can always fine-tune your selection as project requirements gets more detailed,” he says. “It’s giving you the flow and head you want – and then you want in-line, end-suction? Then this is a good product for you.”

2. Project management

Save all your product selections in a project folder, giving you an easy overview of your whole pump schedule. You can also give rights to others, so you can share the project with your team, and they can also edit it.


3. Fast Track products

You want something fast? You want something basic that gets the job done? We have you covered. “Sometimes you need something at a good price that is 98 percent good enough instead of a custom solution with a longer delivery time,” says Marcus Fich. Grundfos has its most popular variants (like CRs and boosters) on a fast track, meaning you get them shipped to your distributor within three days. Just look for the Fast Track icon under product results or on a product’s specifications page.

4. BIM files

Step aside, 2-D and 3-D models. Building information modelling (BIM) is here, enriching product models with operation and maintenance data over time. Find and select your product, then look for the .rfa BIM model files under the product’s CAD drawings.

You can the Grundfos product BIM files throughout the lifecycle of a building. They give you a “living model,” so to speak. “It’s a histogram of the building,” says Marcus Fich. A building operator can get a BIM model from the contractor, and after 10-15 years, work with the data in the model to optimise the building. “It's used very few places in the world currently, but this is where we’re going.”

5. Quick Replacement

Enter the name of the old circulator in a building and we’ll find a replacement that fits – at an equal or better energy profile. The Replacement tool is available online or also with the Grundfos GO app.

Read more about the Grundfos Product Center or try out these tips yourself.

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