Efficiency gains with the Turbulence Optimiser™

Efficiency gains with the Turbulence Optimiser™
New KPL Axial Flow Pump

The new range of KPL axial-flow propeller pumps is ideal for flood control and other heavy-duty pumping applications. The Turbulence Optimiser™ provides an innovative solution for reducing turbulence in the gap between the pump volute and the column pipe, increasing efficiency by up to two percentage points.

The Turbulence OptimiserTM increases hydraulic efficiency by up to two percentage points, resolving a traditional issue with axial-flow propeller pumps.

Increasingly, Water Utilities need to cope with the consequences of extreme rainfall and runoff events. The emphasis on stormwater, surface and rainwater control has resulted in increasing demands for reliability, robustness, reduced energy consumption, and simplified maintenance.

“At Grundfos, our focus on energy efficiency and reliability for critical applications helps water utilities and individuals avoid disruption in their daily lives,” says Jim Rise, Sales Development Manager, Grundfos. “The efficiency gains from the Turbulence Optimiser™ show our commitment to finding solutions to real-life issues facing owners and operators that give tangible benefits."

The range of KPL axial-flow propeller pumps offers best-in-class hydraulic efficiency of up to 87% with no clogging in a market-leading lightweight design.

PHOTO: Grundfos equipment is installed at dock discharge and fire fighting systems of the Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex.

Introducing the Turbulence Optimiser™
Traditionally, axial-flow propeller pumps lose efficiency from the turbulence generated in the gap between the pump volute and the column pipe. As the flow and pressure increases, so too does the turbulence, increasing efficiency losses further. Grundfos has developed the Turbulence Optimiser™, an innovative solution to this problem that increases the hydraulic efficiency by up to two percentage points.

The Turbulence Optimiser™ (patent pending) is an expandable rubber ring mounted on the perimeter of pump volute. As water flow and pressure increases, the rubber ring expands and adapts to the pipe, reducing turbulence and the efficiency losses this causes.

The turbulence optimiser is standard in all KPL axial-flow propeller pumps and has the further positive effect that misalignment and production tolerances of the column will no longer affect efficiency. Another innovation, available as an accessory, is the anti-cavitation cone, a patented solution for avoiding the build-up of vortices and cavitation in the pumps.

Reliable, versatile, robust
The KPL axial-flow propeller pump is designed for high flow at low head. With a flow capacity of up to 700 m3/min at up to 9 m head, the Grundfos KPL axial-flow propeller pump is ideal for flood control as well as other applications, such as raw water intake, stormwater control, wastewater treatment pumping stations, recirculation pumps, aquaculture, water supply cooling systems and amusement parks, in fact wherever large volumes of water are to be moved.

The high-precision one piece propeller matches precisely the application. This resolves the potential malfunctions that can occur when having to adjust blades, and there is nothing that can work loose. The back-swept design means rags and solids glide off the propeller, resulting in less clogging.

Each KPL pump is individually engineered to suit your requirements and is available in a wide range of variants, ensuring cost-efficient performance. Different materials, sensors, surface coating and shaft seal materials are among the options.

Easy to service and maintain
The KPL axial-flow propeller pump incorporates a range of technologies that we call smartdesign, where we incorporate functional design features that save time and money and prolong pump life. The market-leading lightweight design, substantially reduced from earlier models, does not compromise the renowned robustness of the KPL axial-flow pump.

Maintenance is reduced, for example with the back-swept shape of the propeller, making the propeller effectively self-cleaning. An easily replaced wear ring, cable compartment inspection hole and cartridge shaft seal keeps downtime low. For installation and when the pump needs to be lifted, the balanced lifting handle ensures that no damage is done to the pump – always a risk, when the column pipe may be up to 20m deep.

The double mechanical shaft seal is a unique single-unit cartridge with a back-to-back shaft seal system, providing a sustainable sealing solution with easy replacement in the field, without the need for special tools. The new KPL pumps include a range of features known and appreciated from our range of axial-flow propeller pumps, such as balanced lifting handle, patented cable entry seal, high quality bearings, CFD optimised axial volute, and sensors for pump monitoring during operation, including water-in-oil sensor.

Furthermore information about the KPL axial-flow pump is available here

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