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We have an ambitious vision for innovation, which we believe can be best fulfilled by harnessing the full potential of our diverse group of employees.

At the same time, concern for people runs deep in our veins. One of our salient initiatives is the employment of workers with reduced work capacities so they are not excluded from the job market. Our focus is on finding jobs for employees with reduced work capacity, and we want to see this happen in all countries where we operate.

Diversity in leadership

Our Approach

Grundfos believes that achieving diversity in our workforce and talents is essential to our company's progress. We acknowledge that we have struggled to achieve gender diversity in leadership positions, and are now focusing on this.

In 2020, we want women to account for 25% of our full leadership position. We also hope to set a target for the Extended Leadership Team (ELT) of 15% women members by 2020.

We will launch targeted initiatives both within the organisation and outside it to attract and retain female leaders.

Our results

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Grundfos reached its target of increasing the proportion of non-Danes in key positions – the target for 2017 was 40%, and we ended up with 41%. But we did not meet the target we had set of increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions to 25%.

Despite our efforts in such key processes as recruitment, succession, talent and development initiatives, we ended up with 20%. This led us to review our diversity approach and focus. National diversity has improved, and we will strive to do even better. But gender diversity obviously requires intensified focus.

These are our new gender diversity targets:

• 25% of leadership posts filled by women in 2020 (2017 status: 20%)

• 15% of positions in ELT filled by women in 2020 (2017 status: 0%)

The Grundfos Holding A/S board has nine directors, three of them elected by employees. Of the remaining six, five are men. The board intends to increase the number of woman directors among these six to two by 2020. No directors were replaced in 2017. We are always looking for qualified candidates and expect to fulfil the targeted number of female directors by 2020.

MXP lives our values by having an inclusive workforce. Two of its salient initiatives are the employment of workers with reduced work capacities and helping first offenders accused of minor crimes to re-integrate through work.

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Inclusive workforce

Employees with reduced work capacity

Our focus is on finding jobs for employees with reduced work capacity, and we want it to happen in all countries where we operate.

Healthy return to work

We promote health and wellbeing, by doing what we can to prevent ill health, including an intensified focus on stress-related illnesses. We also make every effort to ensure that those who take sick leave can make a healthy return to work.


Our results

One of our initiatives is to prevent exclusion from the job market due to health or social issues, by providing jobs for employees with reduced work capacity. Currently, 2.86% of our employees fall under this category and we hope to grow it to 3% by 2020.

Our companies in Mexico, China, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands has adopted a new standard for ensuring healthy return to work after sick leave, and for employment with reduced work capacity. This will be deployed in all companies worldwide by the end of 2018.

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