Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction
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We believe that employee satisfaction survey represents the voice of the people in Grundfos and provides us with an overview of company loyalty and morale. As it is a strong indicator of the future success of Grundfos, it is one of our key performance indicators in our Strategy 2020.

employee satisfaction

Our approach

This year, Grundfos ran an anonymous employee motivation survey, which analysed results based on age, seniority and gender. Employee motivation provides a good overview of loyalty and morale. Since there is a link between employee motivation and customer loyalty, we see the survey results as an indicator of the future success of Grundfos. Hence, employee satisfaction is one of the key performance indicators in our Strategy 2020. 

The feedback received was then used to identify opportunities for improvement at all levels within the organisation. Our managers are strongly encouraged to use these results to strengthen their leadership skills.

Our results

Employee satisfaction survey

This year, we had a record-breaking participation rate of 95% in the yearly survey, with satisfaction level at an overall value of 70 and loyalty at a value of 79. These results give management a basis to improve on their organisation and leadership. At the same time, it provides insights towards places that can be improved.

The annual engagement survey gives us factual insights as to where we as leaders and teams can and should take action to make Grundfos an even greater place to work. The results showed among other things that the company has a strong feedback culture and solid leadership, and has achieved solid traction on important behaviours such as collaboration and accountability.

Employees rated 46% of our management cadre as “strong” leaders, which is an impressive result. The main challenges are found within people’s perception of our ability to manage change, learning opportunities, and customer-centricity. The overall satisfaction and motivation level met the group target for 2017, and was an improvement of two points compared to the results of the pulse survey that we did in 2016 (based on a sample).

In the coming years we are determined to keep a strong focus on people engagement; not just to move closer to our ambitious 2020 target, but because our people and their engagement are crucial for our future success.

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