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We try to attract and retain a diverse blend of talented individuals because with diversity comes a range of opinion, experience, and skills. our employees are at the heart of everything we do; they are the engine that keeps the company running. Our ambition is to embed our ethos In the daily routine of our employees. Our social sustainability initiatives aim to make a difference for wider society too. Our focus is on preventing people from being excluded from the job market, improving employment rates for workers with reduced work capacity, and including marginalised groups.

Below are the 2018' highlights. Please go to the Sustainability Report 2018 for the comprehensive version. 

Responsible: Highlights
The Safety Week 2018: Evacuation exercise at Grundfos Finland to promote safety
he Safety Week 2018: First aid lesson in China

Occupational health & safety 

The health and safety of our employees is at the top of our priority list. We work persistently to reduce the number of injuries that occur in the workplace, setting ambitious targets to eliminate the hazards that can result in injury.

It is crucial for us to identify hazards before they pose any real threat to our employees. Our commitment to this is clear in our Safety Incident Management System (SIMS) and our aspiration towards zero injuries, which is supported by a strong Global Health and Safety Community and our Health and Safety Centre of Excellence. We evaluate our approach through internal management reviews, internal auditing and third-party audits, which all play their part in making Grundfos as safe as it can be.

SIMS — an app solution giving employees an easy way to detail any hazard observations or report injuries and near misses — is now fully operational. It enables quicker action to eliminate individual hazards and brings sharper focus on transparency, thus creating a better understanding of why reporting is important. By the end of 2018, we had 17,000 users onthe system.

The number of reported lost-time injuries per million working hours dropped 20% from 4.26 in 2017 to 3.42 in 2018. This can be attributed to our increased focus on breeding a strong health and safety culture — initiatives included various safety campaigns, the launch of SIMS, and Safety Week focused on risk awareness. This year, 82% of our production companies are OHSAS 18001 certified.

Develop our people, grow our business 

Grundfos is its people and having the right balance and range of competencies, skills and experience within the organisation is key to the execution of our strategy. 

Through personal goals and development plans, we care for each employee’s skill-set by establishing the best conditionsfor Grundfos employees to learn.
we have set out to increase our ambitions and ways of working globally within L&D. This includes:Focus on conditions to learn; Learning as a continual process; Empowering Individual-driven development; Build on anticipatory needs; Development intrinsic to work; Supporting employee to evolve and adapt; Creating employee-centric learning.

Training & development in 2018

Our Global Training Warehouse offered 285 training opportunities; nearly half of these were taken online. We are currently testing making the tutorials available on mobile devices. The Global Learning and Development function facilitated 40 trainings. Some of our highlights:

  • Continued focus on leadership training – around 400 people, both first-line managers and managers of managers, participated in face-to-face courses in Denmark and in the regions;
  • The internal trainer concept, which focuses on improving the skills of sales and technical trainers around the world. To date, around 70 trainers took part in the basic training; 
  • Consultancy in the creation of a number of tutorials, for example the Code of Conduct, General Data Protection Regulation, Risk Awareness tutorials and 26 Water Utility tutorials;
  • Around 470 leaders globally in Operations have been through Training within Industry leadership training;
  • Introducing digital training methods through five newly established virtual reality training cells.
Our Global Training Warehouse offered 285 training opportunities, nearly half of these were taken online
Poul Due Jensens Academny in Bjerringbro
Forklift competition in Hungary as a way to promote safety at work

In practice, health and safety:

Enhance safety through competition

Grundfos Hungary held a forklift competition to mark 2018’s Safety Week as a way to promote safety at work. The competition involved a test to demonstrate forklift skills, a stacker competition and a forklift safety test. the 38 competitors had to meander through a slalom of plastic cones in a forklift, showing off their driving capabilities.

"The competition is a fun way to motivate our employees to improve their knowledge and safe practices. there was a written test and point deductions if the safety rules were not adhered to during the practical exercise,” says EHS Manager, Katalin Zsuzsanna Urbán.

Our supervisors in Operations based in Fresno, USA and their certificates

In practice, learning & development:

Leadership tool for our leaders

In our Operations department, we have 470 supervisors who lead over 40% of the entire Grundfos workforce who took a tried and tested leadership method called 'Training within Industry Job Relations'.

“We believe that leadership is a crucial part of reaching our strategic intentions and living out our value of ‘Focus on People’. Out of four modules, we focus on Job Relations, a leadership methodology that focuses on getting results through people,” says Marcus Jøhnck Bendt Haure, Lead HR Specialist, Global L&D.

This puts active leadership on the agenda, resulting in better relations between leaders and employees. 

Our employees in Ukraine celebrated Word Water Day bing picking up trash

In practice, global engagement:

To and for water

World Water Day and the Cape Town Challenge Bring Grundfos employees together worldwide to raise awareness about water sustainability.

To celebrate World Water Day, we explored new ways to harness nature to gain more natural sources of clean water. From restoring a lake in India to ‘plogging’ – picking up trash whilst jogging – in Finland, employees from more than 25 companies rolled up their sleeves for water.

We also challenged our employees to live with less than 50 litres of water per day; a water restriction taken directly from the guidelines of water-scarce, Cape Town, South Africa. More on water clean-up and Cape Town challenge.

We include employee motivation as a key performance indicator in our strategy 2020

Employee motivation & satisfaction

The anonymous Employee Motivation and Satisfaction (EMS) survey provides an opportunity for our employees to voice their opinions, relay their concerns, and highlight important company issues.

The survey gives a cross section of how our employees are doing at every level of the company and reveals the areas where we can improve. We use the feedback from our employees to identify opportunities for improvement at all levels within the organisation. We also provide managers with specific survey results from their departments, that help them to improve business performance and to advance their leadership skills.

In 2018, we had a record-breaking participation rate of 95.5% in the annual survey, and the overall motivation and satisfaction level reached 73.1, which is an increase of 2.6 points compared to the 2017 result.

The loyalty result was recorded a score of 81.0, which is an increase from 79.2 in 2017. This reflects the employees’ enthusiasm for Grundfos and their increased willingness to stay at the company and recommend it to others who are seeking employment.

the EMS found that our employees tend to view their immediate managers positively, rating 55% of them as having strong leadership skills.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in leadership

Looking back, we have for some time not been able to meet our diversity targets. This has led us to review of the way we approach diversity.

In the coming years, we will change our focus by increasing our efforts to get women into leadership positions. We devised a three-year plan (2018-2020) to alter the mindset of our employees. Our ambition is to demonstrate that by offering an inclusive environment for a diverse mix of employees, we stand to innovate, grow and outperform the competition. 

In 2018, two women joined the team, representing 6% of the total number. Our ambition is to reach 15% by 2020. For the full leadership population, we increased the proportion from 20% to 21%, and are determined to reach our target of having 25% female leaders by 2020.

Some of our efforts in 2018 to push this further:

  • A course on bias in the workplace, in which more than 600 managers enrolled;
  • We provided a conversation guide (supporting daily Diversity and Inclusion dialogues) to all people-managers;
  • We made sure that our HR professionals received master classes in Diversity and Inclusion;
  • We are pushing key HR processes to drive and support our diversity ambition;
  • Mentoring programme: Extended Leadership team members are mentoring female leadership talent in a cross-functional setting;
  • Raising awareness and sparking regular discussions through our internal communication platform.

Inclusive workforce

We want to achieve a work environment where all employees are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to our success.

We support local communities where possible. Our focus is on preventing people from being excluded from the job market by improving employment rates for workers with reduced work capacity and marginalised groups. We have set a global target to ensure that by 2020, 3% of our workforce comprises people who are considered to have reduced work capacity. From 2019, we will keep track on a monthly basis of how many people in this category are employed. We will also assess how our production plants are doing in this respect.

We strive to provide suitable, value-creating work for employees with reduced work capacity. Currently, 3.1% of the workforce in all countries comprises employees in this category, which means we have already surpassed our 2020 target of 3%.

We also measure how many employees return to work after being absent for more than 14 days because of illness. Globally, we identified 1,278 cases of employees who had to take more than 14 consecutive days of sick leave and 1,155 of them returned to work, which corresponded to a rate of 90.4%.

Our Regional Managing Director in China Catherine Yang, one of our ELT's members, at the Grundfos China Annual Licensed Dealer Conference
We have a policy for retaining employees at risk of exclusion from the labour market due to ill health
Grundfos Indonesia and The Pelayanan Kasih Orphanage celebrated the new water distribution system
Employees in Turkey collected 3,000 books for schools
Volunteered to build a library for a school

Engage globally with local communities

Despite our global presence, we work to maintain the mindset of a local business. We strive to be a trusted corporate citizen and fulfil our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.

We do this by playing an active, engaging and supportive role, contributing to the economic livelihoods of many people, communities and societies across the world. We trust the vast amounts of local knowledge and experience that our global network of companies have. Therefore, many of our community engagement projects are run and financed by local companies and employees. One of these initiatives include:


The Pelayanan Kasih Orphanage in Surabaya, Indonesia, consists of two buildings. One is home to 61 children. With limited bathrooms and a watersupply that was far from reliable, most of the children were unable to take showers before school. By replacing the old decrepit pumps with a new Grundfos system and deploying water tanks on the building’s roofs, the occupants are now able to enjoy a reliable supply of clean water.


According to a study by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation's (UNESCO) online ranking, Turks rank 86 out of 173 countries in terms of their reading rate. Determined to do their bit to improve this, our employees at Grundfos Turkey started their One Book, One Life campaign. They collected 3,000 books, 2,200 of which were sent to schools in five cities. With the help of a local foundation, they reached out to a school in a small village that caters for children between kindergarten and Grade 4 and volunteered to build a library for it. This school received the balance of the books. Read more initiatives.


Sustainability Report 2018