Everything it takes to get water to everyone

Making water work

There is need for water solutions that lift service levels for the world’s most water poor and improve their quality of life.

One third of the world’s population lack access to safely managed drinking water.

785 million people do not have a basic water access within a 30 minutes walk from their home, or have to use a unprotected and untreated water source like a river or a lake.

More than 80% waste water is released untreated. 

Water is a human right

The gap between needing something, and the ability to pay for it, is a challenge, when you have very little money and competing basic needs such as food and education. 

Our water ambition

Grundfos is targeting value driven and commercially viable business models to ensure the sustainability of our water ambition.

  • We will play a significant part in improving water service levels for the underserved
  • By 2030, we will contribute to provide safely-managed drinking water to 300 mio people.
  • Through water treatment and water efficiency we will have saved 50 bio m3 of fresh water.
  • By 2025 we want to give 10 million people annually a better water access than they have today.

We tie it all together 

We tie together all activities and people, both within Grundfos and across sectors - because it is an end-to-end journey: From a water need is identified until a water system is in the ground, and still working 10 years later.

Along with offering pumps and water solutions, we actively work with local delivery, our global footprint, trainings, installation and service.

Partnering with Grundfos

We aim to fill the ”gaps” around us with likeminded partners:

  • International non-profits
  • Local non-profits
  • Governments
  • Banks and financing institutions
  • Our distributors
  • Our service partners
  • Energy service providers
  • Local agri-cooperatives
  • Industries

Public sector partners

We work with governments in a span from developing a sustainable water sector and infrastructure, to bidding on water infrastructure projects, including installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. We also test the limits of what is possible through new business models. 

Private sector partners

Together with our private sector partners we have served the water market for decades. We also identify private sector innovators engaging in services for the poor, as we believe in local presence - local jobs and know-how is key within sustainable water systems. 

Across sector partners

Partnering across sectors is viable as any new project focus on versatility, fast deployment, reducing complexity, and getting closer to the end-user. 

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