Grundfos provides training seminar to Jordan Engineering Association

The training was attended by over 50 prominent engineers and consultants who are associated with Jordan Society of Consulting Mechanical Engineering (JSCME) and Jordan Engineers Association (JEA), which regulates the industry and contributes to the planning and development of engineering education and advocates the interests of its members.

Ronak Monga, Segment Development Manager – Building Services for Gulf, Levant & Pakistan, shared insights on changing trends in the industry. This included new energy saving technology and how pressure boosting in commercial buildings can save up to 33% energy without compromising consumer comfort by operating boosters in proportional pressure and connect multiple remote pressure sensors in the same system.

The aim of the training was to bring members level of skills and knowledge in latest pumping technology on par with that of the best technologically advanced engineers in the world and, in doing so, connect with both recent engineering graduates and
long-serving professional engineers, who will become ambassadors to dissipate the knowledge throughout the organization and beyond.

Feedback from the attendees was extremely positive, with many recognizing that domestic water systems in buildings can prevent many challenges, such as ensuring adequate water pressure in all parts of the system and keeping both water and power consumption at acceptable levels.