Grundfos Foundation

The Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation) is a Danish commercial foundation. Grundfos’ founder, Poul Due Jensen, created the Foundation on 19 May 1975.

Founded by Poul Due Jensen

Grundfos’ founder, Poul Due Jensen, created the Foundation on 19 May 1975. Poul Due Jensen wanted to make sure that his company would continue to serve the best interest of society for many generations to come. As such, he transferred ownership of the company to the Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation). 

The main purpose of the Grundfos Foundation is to ensure and support healthy economic growth and development, , but it also donates funds to important philanthropic purposes.

Profit is a means to growth – not a goal in itself.

Grundfos values

Independent and relentlessly ambitious

To this day, the foundation maintains primary ownership of the Grundfos Group (88.2%), with the remaining shares held by employees and the founder’s family. The two entities are connected but maintain managerial distance and have separate governance bodies. This unique ownership structure allows Grundfos to maintain a high degree of independence and a long-term perspective.

Supporting Grundfos

The foundation looks out for Grundfos’ interests in three ways:

  • Setting up up holistic long-term ambitions for the Grundfos Group and following up systematically
  • Rewarding passionate and innovative Grundfos employees through Grundfos People Awards
  • Enabling companies in the Grundfos Group to exercise social responsibility through the Poul Due Jensen Community Engagement Grant

Giving back to society

In 2020, the foundation committed DKK 194 million to philanthropic projects. In addition to maintaining active ownership of the company, the foundation supports projects in three main areas; water, research, and inclusion. In addition, The foundation also donates to various local and global purposes that support sustainable development.


In collaboration with international NGOs, the foundation helps provide people in the world’s poorest rural communities and forgotten refugee camps with access to safe water.



The foundation supports research and learning initiatives within technical disciplines and natural sciences.


The foundation supports initiatives reducing the number of people living on passive public benefits through projects that help vulnerable people access and remain within the labour market.