Energy-efficient solutions

Today, we produce some of the world's most energy-efficient, durable water solutions that are good for our customers and the planet.

Leading-edge of sustainability

Our solutions improve water efficiency and reduce energy consumption while creating positive impacts on the environment by lowering carbon emissions and operating on renewable energy.

Technical expertise, customer-oriented research and development, progressive innovation and digitalisation are at the core of our formula for delivering sustainable pump solutions, services and water technologies for a better tomorrow; solutions that benefit our customers and the environment. 


Discover how our products save cost and energy

We take pride in offering to our customers' some of the world's most energy-efficient, durable water solutions. These solutions help them with cost savings and a reduction in environmental impact.

Walking the Talk

We have calculated the electricity savings of all our high-efficiency circulator pumps sold in the EU between 2005 and 2019. The result implies a total annual energy saving of 8.9 billion kWh. During 2019, we allocated 4% of our turnover to developing new solutions and products.