Health and safety

Protecting the health & wellbeing of our workforce is the top of our priority list. 

Health and safety

Grundfos is its people and we want to ensure that our employees lead long, healthy, and happy working lives. We work persistently to reduce the number of injuries that occur in the workplace, setting ambitious targets to eliminate hazards that can result in injury. 

Integrating technologies to create healthy and safe workspaces, we have an app solution called SIMS where employees can easily detail any hazard observations, report injuries, enables quicker action to eliminate individual hazards, and brings a sharper focus on transparency. 

Virtual Reality (VR) applications also play a big role to increase risk awareness in operations, draw attention to the issue of sub-optimal ergonomics in production and offices. 

Health and well-being 

Supporting our employees in returning to work after prolonged illness or injury is another crucial part of realising our responsibilities. We strive to find ways to help them return to work when it is safe for them to do so. 

We also put into place robust policies, procedures, and initiatives that promote the physical and mental health of our employees. We take data from the yearly Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Survey (EMS) as a baseline to help us foster a deeper understanding of the causes of our employees’ stress. Based on these data, we work to prioritise needs, actions, and resources to better support employee well-being. 

E-tools that deal with stress prevention and mitigation are available internally for employees to prevent stress from occurring in the first place.

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