Simplifying wastewater

Wastewater installations in commercial buildings are often installed in basements and are typically complex to meet the vastly different requirements for wastewater transfer.

Grundfos has many years of experience with drainage water, surface water, grey water and black water. Grundfos wastewater products are highly specialised to meet the unique set of demands for commercial lift stations in buildings. At the same time, they share the intelligent design, high-quality materials and high efficiency common to all Grundfos solutions.

The answer to reliable and efficient wastewater systems

Watch our wastewater application expert discuss the challenge of clogging and level switch failure in commercial buildings. Discover how pumping pits with Grundfos AUTOADAPT functionality and flexible lifting stations ensure worry-free installation and reliable operation.

Application guide about wastewater removal

Read more about reliable and efficient wastewater removal in commercial buildings. Explore the most effective measures to protect against sewage backflow, as well as how to calculate and size wastewater lift stations.

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