Groundwater pumping for any demand

Whether you are looking to get your water supply from a well or boost up from a break tank, there is a groundwater solution to match your needs. High-quality submersible groundwater pumping solutions cover your water supply needs from small cabins in the woods to huge mansions with acres of lawn sprinklers. Regardless of your demands, you always get a dependable, efficient groundwater supply with a groundwater well pump ready to do the job.

Get constant pressure with SQE

The SQE is the only submersible constant pressure pump on the market that comes fully equipped with built-in electronic control. Thanks to the variable speed drive the pump speed automatically adjusts itself to ensure constant water pressure despite changing demands. This efficiently eliminates weak or fluctuating water supply. The SQE is provided as an “all in one box” solution, easy to both install and operate.

A submersible installation made simple

Learn why American well driller company, Partridge Well Drilling, opts for 3” submersibles for domestic applications.


Voltage protection

See how the voltage protection built into the SQ and SQE pumps ensures a stable water supply within a wide voltage range.

Soft start built-in

See how soft start-up of the SQ and SQE pump reduces the electrical and mechanical load, benefitting installers and homeowners in many ways.

Dry running protection built-in

See how protecting the SQ and SQE pump from dry running maximises the well capacity, increases reliability and ensures a long pump lifetime.

SP Pump performance measuring brochure

Download the brochure and learn more about how to measure performance of the SP pump.

Check pump performance in wells

Understand why well performance drops over time and see how our online tool measures SP pump performance in the well.

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Get answers to your questions about this application

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