Partner for the future

Heat pumps are the future and rising demand calls for reliable suppliers. Grundfos is your ideal heat pump partner for delivering best-in-class pump solutions. And we’re far more than a manufacturer. We can:

  • Provide day-to-day technical advice from our application experts
  • Review and analyse your system
  • Participate in concept development
  • Share quality and system optimisation knowledge

With decades of water and hydronic system experience, we consider the entire system when developing heat pump circulators.

We have over 1300 dedicated staff at our OEM division able to give you the advice and insights you need to meet your goals. With extensive technical know-how about your solutions and hydronic systems in general, our technical experts are always ready to be of assistance.

Products for any need

Grundfos can build an ideal circulator solution to suit your exact needs. We can provide you with Grundfos CHBL, an integrated and modular solution, that reduces the complexity of your existing appliance. We can also take this one step further by offering an even more compact and simplified Grundfos SHBL-based solution, which features smart hydro block technology used for heat pumps. This solution features an integrated disc valve that requires no actuator.

Ultimately, we can design a completely customised and integrated solution using existing or new  building blocks, such as our existing CHBL pump with an RV20 valve incorporated with a magnetic filter concept. 

Meeting the demands of tomorrow 

The future is digital, and that goes for pumping too. At Grundfos HVAC OEM, we take lead in innovating pump solutions to meet the demands for tommorow. For you, that means an increase in integrated solutions as well as connected appliances which will add value to the complete value chain.