Cooling for industrial utilities

Cooling for applications in industrial utilities such as machining processes and heating systems all rely on the efficient transfer of heat. This necessary application of thermodynamics is expressed through a variety of coolant circulation systems, heat exchangers and cooling towers. Grundfos supplies efficient, reliable pumps and systems for a broad range of cooling applications, as well as pumps for OEM cooling units.

Grundfos coolant pumps expertly handle brine, glycol or di-ionised water. This versatility, along with a strong focus on the type of shaft seal required to optimise safety, durability and efficiency in a specific application, provides you with the benefits of reliability in the cooling system. When temperature control is part of the process, the pump material is potentially stressed because of the continuous thermal expansion and contraction. Using speed control in the pump ensures the temperature remains constant.

Refrigeration and Cooling Manual

From refrigeration process descriptions, traditional industry cooling theories and practices, control techniques and general pump considerations, you will find what you need to know in our manual.

The intelligent way to industrial cooling

Take a deep dive into the key challenges of industrial cooling in our white paper and learn how to maximise efficiency with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS. 

Take control of industrial cooling with intelligence

There is significant process optimisation potential to be realised in almost every industrial cooling application.

Our application expert shows you how to optimise your system in general and in different archetype such as cooling towers, evaporation cooling, chiller and unit cooling.

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