Meeting demands for desalination processes

Desalination of seawater is rapidly becoming an additional and necessary source of potable water in many parts of the world. To ensure reliable processes, pumping systems need to be highly efficient, corrosion resistant and equipped with intelligent monitoring systems. The right design of a desalination plant – from intake to treatment and distribution – will reduce your costs in power consumption, maintenance and chemicals usage. Grundfos is highly experienced in desalination solutions and ready to help you every step of the way.

As a market leader within reverse osmosis, Grundfos creates highly durable and efficient solutions. Grundfos equips reverse osmosis plants that operate both in one-stage and two-stage systems. Starting with the seawater intake, Grundfos supplies high pressure BM and BMS booster modules constructed in corrosion resistant stainless steel. Combined with energy recovery devices, this type of solution results in cost savings on maintenance, repair, power consumption and chemicals at the desalination plant. Our chemical dosing pumps dose antiscalants and other relevant substances to the process of chemical treatment – another essential process in desalination.