Meeting the demands of leach mining

In-situ leaching, or solution mining, is a process of recovering minerals such as copper and uranium through boreholes drilled into the formation, without the need for conventional mining. Grundfos can supply submersible and end-suction pumps that ensure the effective pumping of barren or pregnant solutions into the formation and back up to the mineral processing plant. For heavier demands when pumping leachate solutions, we supply customised mining pumps built with high-grade steel or, in some cases, titanium and with a magnetic drive or various kinds of shaft seal solutions.

A Grundfos pumping solution can handle very low pH levels and sulphuric acid at low concentrations or high concentrations above 90 %. Furthermore, we offer a complete range of dosing pumps systems for large or small volumes based on different technologies. We likewise have electronic and electrochemical accessories for complete control and PLC-controlled, fully automatic systems for dry material preparation and reliable dosing.

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The mining industry represents an area of engineering where hydraulic systems in surface and underground drainage, chemical processes and water treatment require robust and reliable solutions.

SP Engineering manual

The mining industry uses submersible borehole pumps for dewatering and leach mining processes. Find out more about the benefits of the SP range for these processes.

SP submersible pumps for in-situ leaching mining systems

Grundfos SP multi-stage submersible borehole pumps offer the perfect solution for mine dewatering and in-situ leaching operations. Available in a range of 55 materials to suit a broad range of fluid chemistries, these pumps may be installed in very deep boreholes and provide a flow rate of up to 470 m3/h or a maximum head of 670 metres. 

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