Machining processes in industry

Machining processes such as grinding, turning, milling, boring, sawing, wire cutting and spark erosion lie at the heart of industrial manufacturing, where accuracy, economy and reliability count for everything. The Grundfos range of immersible machine tool coolant pumps and high-pressure pumps for machining processes offer unsurpassed accuracy and stability to make sure that nothing interferes with these delicate processes. Integrated variable frequency drives can be optionally supplied for increased system efficiency and flexibility. Our immersible pumps suitable for machine tool applications offer a tank-mounted design, and our dry-installed multi-stage pumps are also well-suited for machine tool applications.

Are you looking to optimise your machine tool systems?

Precise pump speed and control are essential for machining systems. Even the smallest fluctuation in flow or pressure could reduce the quality of end-products, increase the wear on tools and slow down production. Intelligent pump solutions from Grundfos can integrate with your overall system, monitor the hydraulic system and automatically adjust to different duty points to run more efficiently. This reduces life-cycle and energy costs, while extending the life of your systems.

Meet our machining industry expert

Watch the video and hear our expert, Business Development Manager Kent B. Kynde, explain about the special features of Grundfos iSOLUTIONS in machining.

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