Wash and clean places demands on pumping equipment

Part washing applications are notoriously demanding, as they often use aggressive liquids, high temperatures and high pressures. Using conventional pumps, this would result in bulky installations where the motor's power is not fully utilised. Wash and clean applications in the food processing industry, such as slaughter houses and breweries, place restrictions on the physical size of the pump, as the equipment either has to be installed in a cabinet or fitted on a trolley moved by hand.

Powerful and compact Grundfos single-stage or multi-stage centrifugal pumps for car wash pump systems and washdown pump kits are made entirely from materials designed to withstand even the most aggressive of detergents and solvents and can operate in temperatures up to 180 °C and at pressures up to 40 bar in box washers or tunnel washers.

Part Wash

Explore our white paper to see how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS and the right mechanical pump can optimise performance in your parts washing machine or paint shop.

Learn how the company Vald. BIRN wash and clean industrial components

Vald. BIRN produces CED coating outfit to surface-treat castings. Watch the video and learn how Vald. BIRN wash and clean their industrial components.

One complete solution for surface treatment

See how one of northern Europe’s largest foundries Vald. BIRN is maximising cleaning performance with a full line of pumps, monitoring equipment and digital services.

Saving substantial time, water and costs

Find out how Austria’s leading manufacturer of external sun protection screens is increasing uptime and capacity with a new cleaning system driven by Grundfos.

Fully utilise the power of your pump

Meet our wash-and-clean expert and hear how intelligent pumps best meet the pressure requirements for wash and clean applications in industry.

Wash & Clean Hygienic

Achieve high pressure with a compact washer pump. The number one challenge when designing a Wash & Clean system is fitting a powerful pump into a small space – while still delivering the pressure needed to handle sudden variations in flow. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS offer compact, high-performance pumps with optimal overload and system protection. Suitable for tough, damp environments, these intelligent solutions can be integrated into your overall system and can monitor and control auxiliary equipment.

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