Industrial water treatment using all methods for all water sources

The range of different water treatment applications in industry is as wide as their range of usage. Grundfos offers reliable and intelligent pumps and components for water treatment solutions in all industrial systems and applications. Starting with the water source, whether surface water, groundwater, seawater, tap water or even wastewater, they all have to be treated to fulfil the requirements of the respective industries. Whether you are looking to treat aggressive media like seawater or to produce ultrapure water (WFI, UPW), Grundfos provides you with highly reliable pump solutions.

Grundfos water treatment pumps serve all relevant treatment steps from intake to distribution, such as substance removal, disinfection, stabilisation (including chemical dosing), monitoring and control or desalination in general. All pumps in water treatment can be combined in an intelligent way, offering highly accurate and efficient dosing of additives prior to or during the treatment process. All pumps can be supplied with measurement and control systems that measure and control key water chemistry and process engineering parameters.