Cool temperature control systems – made by Grundfos

For many industrial processes, effective and smart temperature control is essential for optimal energy efficiency and system performance. Whether your system operates above or below zero and whatever is running through the pipes, we have a pumping solution to match your requirements.

Our innovative controllers, integrated frequency converters and silent-running variable-speed pumps deliver world-leading system intelligence to bring you temperature control systems that maximise the safety and efficiency of your heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. You minimise both running and lifecycle costs and you get access to our wealth of experience and expertise within all fields.

Grundfos tailored pump solutions ensure safe operation at all times, even when circulating difficult fluids, such as ammonia, and flammable liquids.

In addition to our impressive range of high-quality circulation pumps, we offer an array of motors, speed controllers, sensors and monitors that will improve the energy efficiency of your system.

Grundfos pumps and pump systems are guaranteed to deliver maximum performance – keeping you ahead of the game 24/7.

Is your temperature control system wasting energy?

Intelligent compact variable speed pumps from Grundfos can reduce complexity in your temperature control system or chiller unit, helping to improve energy efficiency and save capital and operational costs. With Grundfos iSOLUTIONS you can take control of the temperature control loop, and monitor and optimise the entire cooling system.

Increase comfort in your system

Meet our temperature control expert and hear how you reduce energy waste and wear in your industrial heating and cooling applications.

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