The new approach to wastewater reuse

Dealing with wastewater presents problems worldwide. As our water resources become scarcer and demand rises, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to treat wastewater to purity levels that enables it to be reused within operations or for other applications

Grundfos offers a unique approach to wastewater treatment with our decentralised wastewater treatment solution. It replaces the need for heavy up-front infrastructure investments in piping and pumping stations because it makes it possible to treat wastewater on-site.

The on-site solution is ideal for optimisation of sustainable resources and for production expansion situations in the food and beverage industry. An on-site treatment plant is compact, scalable, fast to implement and reliable from the start.

Hear from the expert how to optimise your water reuse process

Grundfos is able to deliver solutions for all key phases of water treatment, including biological, chemical and physical treatment. This will make your water reuse system state-of-the-art when it comes to reliability and cost-efficiency, and at the same time make it future-ready for increasing water reuse demands.

The future of industrial water reuse

Take a deep dive into the key processes of industrial water reuse and see how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS can help you optimise them to save water, energy and costs.

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