Peace of mind from optimised and reliable modular solutions

Dependable, energy efficient solutions for your pumping stations and networks are essential for wastewater collection and transport. In a network continuously transporting and processing wastewater, downtime is to be avoided at all costs. Your pumps need to work and risk minimisation needs to be built into the system.

The efficient treatment of wastewater requires strong technical competencies and application expertise. At the same time, wastewater treatment plants are required to meet increasingly stringent demands to reduce their impact on the environment and local communities. Wastewater goes through an increasing number of processes before being discharged into the recipients, and each new process increases total costs.

At the design stage, Grundfos works with you to ensure low lifecycle costs and hydraulic stability for mechanical, biological and chemical treatment. From solution design and proposal to project execution, handover and run-in, Grundfos offers one point of contact for all phases of the project. We are a trusted partner for design, verification, installation, operation and maintenance. You save time, energy and costs.