Limiting the damage of flooding

Limiting the potential damage of coastal and inland flooding requires a pumping solution that is dependable. A combination of technical know-how, industry leadership and solution-oriented product development means Grundfos can deliver powerful flood water pumps with control solutions that cope with the high flow and low head demands required in flood pumping stations, for harbour management and in stormwater retention tanks.

We have decades of experience building complex flood control systems and can supply all pumps with monitoring and controls tailored to the pump system. Or we can deliver a complete flood pumping station complete with all mechanical and electrical equipment, and a control and monitoring solution via PLC for the entire system.

The innovative pump gate combines flood gates and powerful axial-flow pumps. Fully-equipped gates can be installed on an existing channel or riverbed. The need for a reservoir and pumping station is eliminated.

Flood control pumping is characterised by a requirement for pump solutions with high flow and low head. Powerful axial-flow KPL and mixed-flow KWM pumps for flood control are specifically designed for this purpose.

Design tips for flood control pumping stations

Read our step-by-step guide with tips for designing a flood control pumping station. Following general considerations, the article presents more specific design examples. 

Optimised flood control solutions

Innovative and reliable flood control solutions that help prevent flooding in a financially and environmentally-sustainable way.

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