Reliable and energy-efficient wastewater transport

Dependable, energy-efficient solutions for your wastewater pumping stations and networks are essential for wastewater collection and transport. Grundfos offers market-leading highest-efficiency sewer pumps that include innovative and patented technologies such as the S-tube impeller and SmartTrim impeller adjustment.

We also supply prefabricated pumping stations complete with pumps, controls, valves and pipes, and sewage lift systems with sewage macerator pumps. When refurbishing existing pumping stations, we ensure a complete solution with easy installation and low downtime during the installation process. Grundfos offers consultancy and uses Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling to optimise flow patterns at the pumping station and retention tank. Our pressurised sewer network modelling tool with system simulation software also helps optimise the design.

Meet our expert on Dedicated Controls

A drive can help lower energy consumption at wastewater pumping stations. But a drive on its own is not enough. You also need an intelligent wastewater pump controller such as Grundfos Dedicated Controls – a complete wastewater control and monitoring solution developed specifically for network pumping stations. Watch our chief engineer explain how it works.

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS in wastewater applications

Explore how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS can reduce downtime and minimise risk in wastewater management with dependable and energy-efficient wastewater technology.

Meet the new cloud based solution for wastewater networks

Watch our short video on the Grundfos iSOLUTIONS CLOUD for Wastewater Networks – an optimisation tool providing data-driven operational insights to enable predictive maintenance, overflow warnings, actual flow monitoring and more. Download the brochure to learn more in details.

Interested in improving your knowledge of this application?

Find out about the latest studies of pumps and systems, where to use Grundfos solutions and how to achieve the best performance, or search Grundfos research & insights for specific learning materials, articles, white papers, videos and much more that benefit your solution.