Optimised solutions for drinking water treatment applications

Complex water treatment projects require consultancy from planning to design, cost evaluation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure that the complete water treatment solution is certified according to local rules and regulations. Grundfos has pumping, dosing and disinfection solutions for each stage of the water treatment cycle. We supply the equipment you require when treating large or small volumes of drinking water for the following drinking water treatment applications:


Reverse osmosis plants using booster modules constructed in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and energy recovery systems with pump turbines at discharge result in cost savings on maintenance, repair, power consumption and chemicals.

Chemical treatment

Fully automated, easy to use disinfection systems using chlorine compounds and complete dosing pump systems are available for the chemical treatment of large or small volumes of drinking water based on different technologies.

Flocculation and aeration

Substance removal using dosing pump systems for the correct flocculation for the purification of drinking water. PLC-controlled, fully automatic systems handle preparation and dosing of organic coagulants or poly-electrolytes.


Pumping solutions for maintaining gentle and controlled flows in sedimentation tanks and moving water to and from the tanks, allowing suspended solids in water to settle.

Filtration and backwashing 

High-capacity pumps matching any pressure for any flow, feeding into filtration processes ranging from a simple physical barrier to chemical or biological processes. They also deliver very strong force with well-executed flush times and speeds required for effective periodic backwashing of filters.


Pumping solutions that meet the requirements for purifying drinking water, including chlorination solutions that maintain a residual disinfecting agent throughout the distribution system.

Water reservoirs

Mixers and flowmakers for keeping the water moving and oxygenated and dosing systems for adjusting water quality.

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